Cameron TL 18-3/4” 5K BOP stack for rent
Cameron TL 18-3/4” 5K BOP stack for rent

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Title: Cameron TL 18-3/4” 5K BOP stack for rent
Model: Cameron TL 18-3/4” 5K BOP stack
Price: on request
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Condition: OEM certified
Location: UK
Date Posted: 2019-04-12 07:54:00


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The Cameron TL 18 ¾” 5,000 psi BOP system delivers proven reliability for drilling, well testing, completion and intervention operations both on- and offshore and is the ideal solution for well Plug and Abandonment (P&A). The TL system provides a light and compact stack with a thru bore suitable for the majority of casing hangers typically required to be pulled for P&A. The TL also offers outstanding shear capacity for the most demanding drilling operations.
Key Features

• Cameron 18 ¾” 5,000 psi DL annular BOP with surge bottle.
• 18 ¾" 5,000 psi Single and Dual TL RAM BOPs with proven shear capacity and Cameron wedgelock system.
• 18 ¾” 5,000 psi drilling spool with two 3 ⅛“ side outlets.
• Selection of RAMs available.
• Hydrostatic shell pressure tested to 7,500 psi.
• Selection of Cameron FLS 3 ⅛” x 5,000 psi hydraulic gate valves with API 6B end connections.
• All equipment is manufactured and certified by the OEM (Cameron) in accordance with API 6A, API 16A, NACE MR-01-75 and Norsok standards, and certified by DNV until 2022.

• The unique design of the DL BOP does not require wellbore assist and has a shorter height and lighter weight than comparable annular BOPs.
• Large through bore suitable for the majority of casing hangers retrieved in P&A operations.
• Compact height allows easy installation and operation in a variety of drilling substructures.
• Fully certified BOP available for rent as complete stack or as component parts to reduce CAPEX and avoid costly rig reactivation for decommissioning work scopes.
• Bespoke, flexible service offered. Rental solutions available from an extensive inventory of CAPEX intensive equipment including DCR, Pumps, Tubulars and Hoisting Equipment.
• In-house well control engineering, training, risk prevention evaluations, well control equipment audits and operational support provided (including health and safety related activities) for each project.

Engineering Data - Cameron 5,000 psi Annular DL BOP

Application : Offshore (subsea and surface) and onshore
Bore size : 18.75 in / 476 mm
Working Pressure : 5,000 psi / 345 bar
BOP Type : Cameron 5,000 psi DL
Head Type : Quick release
Top Connection : 18.75 in 5,000 API Type 6BX Studded
API BX-163 Inconel Groove
Bottom Connection : 18.75 in 5,000 API Type 6BX flanged
API BX-163 Inconel Groove
Height : 60.8 in / 1,545 mm
Body Diameter : 62 in / 1,575 mm
Weight : 30,820 lb / 13,980 kg
Certification : DNV & OEM in accordance with API 6A, API 16A, NACE MR-01-75
Hydrostatic Shell Test Pressure : 7,500 psi / 517 bar
Hydrostatic Chamber Test Pressure : 4,500 psi / 310 bar
Recommended hydraulic operating pressure : 3,000 psi / 207 bar
Maximum Hydraulic Operating Pressure : 3,000 psi / 207 bar
Gal. (US Gal)/L to open : 29 / 109
Gal. (US. Gal)/L to close : 35.6 / 134
Engineering Data - Drilling Spool

Drilling spool style : Flanged top x flanged bottom 18.75 in 5,000 psi
API Type 6BX
Spool length : 33.9 in / 860 mm
Weight : 5,203 lb / 2,360 kg
Side Outlets : 3.125 in, 5,000 API Type 6B studded w/rings 180

API BX-163 Inconel Groove